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Moose 1Hunting moose with Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service is an experience you won’t soon forget.  Over the years, Utah has produced some of the nicest trophy moose in the west.  If you are lucky enough to draw a moose tag for Utah, Dowland is there to lead you to the herd.  We are always scouting for moose while hunting other species, so we have a pretty good idea where they are each season.  We use our sturdy mule team to access the most remote areas and pack out these giant heavy animals once they hit the ground.
Hunting Moose in Utah
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Hunting bison in Utah is very physically demanding, requiring a lot of patience and endurance.  The country is rough and you can plan on spending long days in the saddle.  Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service uses sturdy and sure-footed mules to access the steep and rocky terrain of the Utah back country and can pack these huge animals out of the most inaccessible areas.
Hunting Bison in Utah
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Bighorn Sheep

The tags for these animals are scarce and once you’ve finally obtained one you can count on Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service to lead you to the trophy animal of your dreams.  We have been hunting and scouting the most rugged and inaccessible areas of Utah for many years and are intimately familiar with the rough terrain where these animals roam.  If you are lucky enough to draw a tag for one of these most coveted game animals, we will devote our full attention and resources to making your hunt successful.  These hunts can be very physically demanding and we will work with you to custom tailor your hunt to match your capabilities.
Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Utah
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Mountain Goat

Utah has a great population of mountain goats and Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service will make sure you savor the opportunity for that rare, once in a lifetime trophy animal.  Hunting mountain goats is no easy task, requiring steep mountain hiking and physical strength and endurance.  Our sure-footed mules will take you to wilderness areas inaccessible to the horses, ATVs or 4x4s used by other guide services.  Call us early and we will work with you to custom tailor your hunt to your desires and abilities.
Hunting Mountain Goat in Utah
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