Let the adventure begin...

Your journey starts when you arrive under the beautiful sunny skies of Utah.  We will pick you up at the airport and transfer you and your gear to a staging camp where you will prepare for the experience of a lifetime.  This is where the REAL adventure begins.  The best trophy animals are not found in easily accessible and well-traveled areas, but thrive in steep and rugged terrain that is unforgiving and demands physical endurance.  Our Dowland Outfitters and Guide Service mule teams can access wilderness areas beyond the reach of other guides using horses, 4x4s or ATVs.  Travel with us to the back country and experience the perfect balance between modern convenience and old west charm.
MulesIn the 1800s, mules played a pivotal role in the Western expansion of the US.  A product of careful breeding of a male donkey (jackass) with a female horse (mare), mules have been around since ancient Egyptian times and have appeared throughout history ever since.  Mules have much harder hooves than horses and are more stable and sure-footed, better suited for the rugged rocky terrain of central Utah.  They can cover a 50-mile area in a day and need only four or five hours of sleep.

Ride with us to the deepest, least explored part of the Utah wilderness to find the trophy animal of your dreams.  You’ve planned this trip for a long time, sometimes years, and we offer packages custom tailored to the experience you are looking for.  Let us help you make the most of it.  Call Dowland Outfitters and Guide Service at (435) 590-2916 or (801) 891-9700 and let the adventure begin!

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