Because of Utah’s careful herd management practices, pronghorn hunts in the state have a high rate of success.  Archery and rifle hunting of these elusive animals can be an exhilarating experience requiring patience and physical endurance.  Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service will work with you to custom tailor your hunting experience to your desires and abilities.

Toms Camera 4Q2012 131Our experienced guides have hunted the Utah back country wilderness for many years and know where the game is most likely to be found from season to season.  With our sturdy and sure-footed mules, no area is too remote or inaccessible and we will often leave other guide services behind as we take you back in time to areas few others have seen.  There’s nothing quite like riding with a string of pack animals carrying out the spoils of a successful hunt.

Call Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service today and let the adventure begin!

Hunting Pronghorn in Utah
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