Black Bear

Toms Camera 4Q2012 444Hound hunting black bear is one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences you will have in your lifetime.  Our well-trained hounds are experts at tracking and finding black bear and GPS dog tracking equipment will ensure your time is not wasted.

We also offer spot and stalk hunts giving you further opportunities to bag one of these elusive animals.  Our steady and durable mules can cover up to 50 miles per day allowing you to cover more of their wide-ranging territory and increasing your chance of success.

Bear 1Ride with us back in time to rugged wilderness territory few others have ever seen.  We will custom tailor your experience to provide a perfect blend of modern convenience and old west charm, and our passion is to help you find the trophy animal of your dreams.  Call Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service today and let the adventure begin!

Hunting Black Bear in Utah
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