Utah offers some of the finest trophy bull elk in the western US and our photo 2passion is helping you find them.  Elk herds in Utah are carefully managed resulting in some of the highest bull to cow ratios found anywhere.  One of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime is the pursuit of aggressive elk bulls during the peak of the rut, and hearing their bugling echo through the valley.

photo 4We have scouted for elk in the Utah wilderness for many years, and our experienced guides will be able to lead you to the trophy animal of your dreams.  We have a wide range of options available for archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunts and will work with you to custom tailor your experience to your desires and physical abilities.

Our sturdy mules will be able to pack you in and out of the most rugged and inaccessible areas that are the least hunted, increasing your chances of finding that record animal you’ve been dreaming about.  Other guide services using horses, ATVs or 4x4s will be left far behind as you ride with us back in time to the pristine virgin land of the old west.  Call Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service and we will help you plan a custom-tailored adventure equal to your desires and physical abilities.

Hunting Elk in Utah
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