Cat 1A mountain lion hunt deep in the wilderness of Utah is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.  There’s nothing quite like an exhilarating pursuit of this elusive animal by a pack of well trained hounds.  Hound tracking requires physical stamina and endurance and our GPS dog tracking equipment will enable us to quickly locate the treed quarry and ensure your effort is not wasted.

Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service uses a pack of sure-footed mules to get you in and out of rugged and treacherous terrain many other guide services cannot access with their horses, ATVs and 4x4s.  The best game is to be found in the least-hunted and most inaccessible areas, and our expert guides have hunted these parts for many years.

Toms Camera 4Q2012 450We will work with you to custom tailor a package meeting your needs and abilities.  For a timeless adventure with the perfect blend of modern convenience and old west charm, contact Dowland Outfitters & Guide Service today!

Hunting Cougar in Utah
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